Six Days and a Thousand Miles Later…

What a fantastic summer it’s been! In just a few short months, I’ve managed to cover a significant amount of territory, seeing parts of New England I hadn’t had the opportunity to see until now. Hard to believe considering the fact I grew up in these parts! To cap off an already adventurous, fun-filled summer, I decided to take an extended road trip through Maine and the Adirondacks. Why? Well, at the end of July, I decided to leave my job and take a few weeks off to travel and then figure out my next career move. So, with my new found freedom, I hopped in the car with my friend (who coincidentally was also taking some time off) and headed North.

Our first stop was Camden, Maine. Just 3.5 hours North of Boston, this adorable coastal town has become a favorite vacation spot for many New Englanders. We stayed at Whitehall Inn, which was an quaint little B&B located right outside of town. Apparently two major movies were filmed there, but it’s luckily been able to hold onto its rustic charm. We walked around town and then grabbed a bite to eat at a cute restaurant with a patio overlooking the harbor. I can’t say it was the best food I’d ever had, which is probably why I can’t remember the name of the restaurant – oops! On our way back, we got to listen in on a local orchestra performing in a beautiful, little park.

The next day, we drove further up North to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. I can’t even describe how breathtaking it was up there. We only stayed for two days, so only scratched the surface in terms of what we were able to see. We drove in just in time for lunch, so of course had to stop at the famous Jordan Pond House. I am a serious sucker for popovers, so the hour-long wait was absolutely worth it. After lunch, we hiked a nearby trail, then drove up to the top of Cadillac Mountain – another ‘must see’ in Acadia, because it offers stunning views of Acadia and Bar Harbor. After that, we drove into Bar Harbor and checked in at The Harborside Hotel. Located in the heart of Bar Harbor, right on the water, it was really easy to get around.That night we had an outstanding dinner at a local Latin American joint called Havana  Thanks to Stephanie Kohn for the recommendation – it was outstanding!

The next day we drove to Southwest Harbor (right next to Bar Harbor) to walk around, have lunch and take in the sights. After spending the rest of the day lounging by the lake, we got some ice cream on our way home and then got ready for our big lobster dinner at Stewman’s Lobster Pound – a super trendy spot but has oooh so tasty lobsters. Their mac & cheese wasn’t too shabby either.

After waking up and hitting a few tennis balls around the next morning, we packed up our things and headed to Lake Placid, New York in the Adirondacks. While we knew the trip would take us 8.5 hours, we had (or at least I) had no idea we were going to run smack into Lake Champlain, with no way to get across by car. By complete accident, we pulled up to a tiny little ferry at 8:30 pm and luckily, were able to hop on with no reservation. It must have been kismet, and thank God for that because we would have had to stay in a crappy little inn if we couldn’t get across that night. So, in the pouring rain, we sat in our car and waited patiently while the ferry crossed over to New York. We finally arrived in Lake Placid late that night, so headed straight to Mirror Lake Inn & Spa to check in.

This was by far my favorite place to stay because it overlooked beautiful Mirror Lake, was covered with dark, antique wood, and served homemade cookies literally all day long. Actually, that part wasn’t so great on my waistline, but hey, I was on vacation.

We woke up to rain, which wasn’t so awful because we were able to check out the Olympic Center, which, unbeknownst to me, was the official rink where the Miracle on Ice took place (where the U.S. defeated Russia in the 1980 Olympics), as well as the 1932 Olympics. Given the 2012 Summer Olympics was taking place, it was a pretty timely and  nostalgic experience. We also went to see the new Batman (which was awesome!) and then hung out at the hotel’s indoor pool and hot tub for the rest of the afternoon – VERY stressful.

After a refreshing dip in the lake first thing in the morning, we said goodbye to beautiful Mirror Lake and headed home. The drive home was absolutely gorgeous, especially driving through Keene Valley in the Adirondacks – absolutely breathtaking!

While there are way too many pictures to share, here are a few of my favorites from the trip:





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