Jackson Hole Takes Newport

Ten days and three reunions later, I feel like I need a two week vacation! Not only did I have a mini-college reunion with some of my best gal pals in Newport, RI on Friday night (had dinner at the Boat House in Tiverton which was fantastic), but on Saturday, I headed over to Marion, MA for my 20-year high school reunion at Tabor Academy. The school has changed so much since I graduated – new dorms, state-of-the-art athletic facility and scientific wing of the academic center – I hardly recognized it. However, all of my closest friends were there and everyone looked exactly the same. I had been looking forward to this reunion for a long time since they were clustering our year with the year above and the year below us, so I got to see people I hadn’t seen since I graduated. Reminiscing about the “old days,” it’s an absolute miracle we lived through those years. But what an amazing place to go to high school – we were so spoiled!

My first reunion actually took place last weekend in Newport, RI (yes, this is becoming a trend). Our Jackson Hole ski crew organized this weekend so we could finally get to see the highly anticipated ‘Between Apres’ ski movie our friend Wade put together. Thanks to his professional helmet cam, and a few of the crews’  best shots, Wade put together a fantastic montage of our Jackson Hole trip, including some of our best (and worst) ski moves.We had been looking forward to this reunion ever since we left each other in March.

Driving in from Boston and New York, we all met at Wade and Libby’s and had ourselves a spectacular and unforgettable evening. Our first stop was the Jane Pickens Theater for the ‘Between Apres’ showing. Boy were we in for a treat!

The JH crew en route to the showing of ‘Between Apres’

In front of the Jane Pickens theater

Wade even convinced the woman at the theater to dress up in ski gear!






Unfortunately, the movie file was too big to add here, but believe me when I say that it was beyond our expectations. Not only was the movie funny as hell, but it somehow made us look relatively good (some of us more than others, e.g. Reiner). The night took a crazy turn after dinner and then Reggae night at some dive bar in town, so I’ll refrain from going into too much detail.
Fortunately for us, the next day was just as chock full of activities as the day before. We started out on Wade’s boat, the”Spread Eagle,” for a fun tour in and around Newport. We checked out all the beautiful boats in the harbor and the massive houses along the water. For lunch, we jetted over to Jamestown for a scrumptious outside lunch at Simpatico. Even though pretty much anything would have tasted good at that moment, the burgers were fantastic and from what I hear, the Bloody Mary’s were just as delicious.

Three-hour tour on the Spread Eagle!

The New York Yacht Club (in Newport)

Just one of the few Newport mansions






After a wonderful day on the boat, we changed into our sundresses and khakis, and headed over for an afternoon of polo. This is by far one of my most favorite things to do in Newport. You can secure a tailgate spot right in front of the ring, lay out your blankets, chairs and picnic food, and make yourself a refreshing John Daly while watching the whole match just a few feet away. If the weather cooperates, it really is a lot of fun.

The lineup

The crew chillaxing at the polo match

The flags at the polo fields








That night, we enjoyed a delicious BBQ on the patio at the house and then completely passed out. On Sunday, we were sad to lose a few of our crew to previously planned engagements, but the few of us who were left jumped on “Spread Eagle” for another boat ride on what may have been the most beautiful day of the year. We met up with one of Wade’s friends, and then spent a few hours anchored at Gooseberry Beach. Some of the houses (aka chateaus) were some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

Muffy and Buffy’s “summer cottage”


One of the “smaller” Newport lighthouses







While we joked of heading to Block Island for the afternoon (which is a pretty far boat ride away), we took the boats to the Matunuck oyster bar, where we enjoyed some oysters, stellar lobster rolls and tasty cocktails outside on the deck. What an amazing afternoon!

Great food and beautiful views

The patio

Raw bar extraordinaire






After some ice cream for dessert, we begrudgingly headed back to the house, packed up our cars and said our goodbyes. It was an amazing weekend with a really great group of friends. Stay tuned for our next group outing sometime this winter – location TBD.


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